Vrana Lake (Vransko Jezero)-Birdwatching camp

Vrana lake (Vransko jezero) – Birdwatching

From April 5 to April 11, 2103, I stayed in the Vrana Lake in the ornithological camp for bird ringing. In a beautiful surrounding nature park and ornithological reserve can be many things to see and experience, especially If you are a bird watcher and intact nature lover.

Something about Vrana lake: The boundaries of the Vrana Lake Nature Park stretch from the chapel of Sv. Nedjelja in Marini by the road between Pakoštane and Vrana, across the South-East of the existing Ornithological reserve over the Hill 108 (Kosovac), Hill 197 (Zverinac), Hill 3030 (Štandarac), Hill 288 (Bakrac), Hill 121 (Ljubovnik), then turns south-west to the Hill 109 (Tuštica), and then turns North-West following the Adriatic main road for 3,5 km, following a side road between the Adriatic main road till the exit, onto the road connecting Pakoštane and Vrana, and further on this road till the starting point by the chapel. In the old days Vrana Lake used to be known as „Vedro blato“. Its cultural and historical monuments date from as far back as 2000 years B.C. Vrana Lake Nature Park still hides many secrets and is a constant source of scientific discoveries which the park is trying to explore and present to the world, with the help of experts dealing with different fields of research. There are few areas in the world where you can simultaneously explore three very different environments and landscapes: the sea coast and the rich archipelago behind it, the Mediterranean swamp with its unique landscape and ecosystem, and just behind the hill the rural idyll of the villages of Ravni kotari. Vrana Lake is the important migratory route for birds. More than 150 species use this corridor for migrations, and you can see almost 250 bird species.
Some of them are on this list:
Acrocephalus melanopogon
Alcedo atthis
Alectoris graeca
Anthus campestris
Ardea purpurea
Ardeola ralloides
Botaurus stellaris
Bubo bubo
Calandrela brachydactyla
Caprimulgus europaeus
Chlidonias niger
Circaetus gallicus
Circus aeruginosus
Circus cyaneus
Circus pygargus
Egretta alba
Egretta garzetta
Falco columbarius
Gavia arctica
Gavia stellata
Himantopus himantopus
Ixobrychus minutus
Lanius collurio
Lanius minor
Lullula arborea
Luscinia svecica
Nycticorax nycticorax
Phalacrocorax pygmaeus
Philomachus pugnax
Platalea leucorodia
Plegadis falcinellus
Porzana parva
Porzana porzana
Porzana pusilla

Sterna hirundo
Sterna sandvicensis
Tringa glareola
I will show you howe is beautiful surrounding affect on people, speaciliy on me, Picture speak thousand words.
Sunset on Vrana Lake
Porzana pusilla / Baillon’s CRAKE
If you want good photos of birds you have to get up early
Podarcis siculus has breakfast
Phalacrocorax pygmeus
Alcedo atthis / Kingfisher after ringing
Sylvia curruca / Lesser Whitethroat
Sylvia atricapilla / Blackcap
Motacilla flava / Yellow Wagtail
Acrocephalus aurundinaceus / Great Reed
Porzana pusilla / Bailon’s Crake a very rare bird in this part of Europe, in Croatia was reported around 15-30 pairs
Circus aeruginosus / Marsh Harrier looking for food
Podiceps cristatus / Great Crested Grebe
Adrea purpurea / Purple Haron
All that and a natural bird life you can experience with us as much as you choose birdwatching tours with iCroatiaTravel



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